How To Sign In To A Game Center Account

Creating and signing into a Game Center account allows you to save your progress for many Beeline games in the cloud.This has many benefits including allowing you to maintain your progress across multiple devices and allowing you to easily import your save game when you get a new device.

Game Center is a free Apple service but, requires an internet connection to function.

Logging in to Game Center for iOS 10

Click on Settings and then the Game Center option

Sign in using your Apple ID.

Logging in to Game Center for iOS 8 and iOS 9

Click on the Game Center icon on your device.

Sign in using your Apple ID.

Now when open Smurfs Village or other Beeline games, Game Center will automatically log in and save your progress to the cloud.

When you move between devices or get a new device make sure you’re signed into Game Center. Your most recent save will be downloaded from the cloud. Then it’s just a matter of selecting the village you want to load

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